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Home - Quietly Working
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Home - Quietly Working

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  • <H2> The Quietly Working Mission
  • <H3> 1. Serve Youth (27 and younger)
  • <H3> 2. Support Youth Service Organizations (YSOs)
  • <H2> Have You Seen Us On The Road?
  • <H1> The Quietly Working Motto
  • <H4> This is How We Invest Our Time & Talents in this Beautiful Galaxy of Ours
  • <H1> OUR STORY
  • <H4> Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Heading
  • <H2> Our plans for the future...
  • <H3> 1996 – Quietly Working is born
  • <H4> Back in 1996, the idea of Quietly Working was born. Our dream was to build a creative agency that would quietly work in the background, building the dreams of others.
  • <H4> Funny… magically, our own dreams quickly began to blossom.
  • <H3> 1996 – To the Greatest Clients in the Galaxy
  • <H4> As we have always said…
  • <H4> “If you are a Quietly Working customer, you are the most important person in our business. You are not dependent upon us, we are dependent on you. You are not an interruption of our work, you are the purpose for it. You do us a favor when you use us, we are not doing you a favor by serving you. You come to us with your needs, it is our job to fulfill them. You pay our salaries…without you we would have to close our doors. You deserve the most courteous attention we can give and it is our honor to make your dreams come true.”
  • <H4> If it were not for our most awesome customers, we would not have had the opportunity to be living our dreams today of serving the youth of the world.
  • <H3> 2000 – The Quietly Working Foundation is born
  • <H4> In the year 2000, business was boom’n and we knew it was time to use our powers for good. We started The Quietly Working Foundation, serving our smallest national recourses. Little did we know, our lives would never be the same. Since those first days, we have impacted millions of lives and can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow holds.
  • <H3> 2012 – America’s Children of Fallen Heroes
  • <H4> In 2012, we began the process of rebranding Children of Fallen Soldiers to America’s Children of Fallen Heroes, so we could include fallen Firefighters and Law Enforcement under our umbrella of services.
  • <H3> March 25th, 2013 – Chaplain TIG Dies
  • <H4> On March 25th, 2013, Chaplain TIG died during a procedure when a laser burnt through his heart. He was gone for a little under 7 minutes before an extraordinary combat Marine cut in, plugged the hole with his finger, and eventually brought him back. This isn’t the place to go into detail, but you can read more here.
  • <H4> This experience was pivotal in the development of and the inspiration for our War on Hopelessness effort and Dare to Dream tour.
  • <H3> April 5th, 2013 – Matthew Warren’s Death Inspires War on Hopelessness
  • <H4> Proof that things of beauty can come from life’s most tragic pains.
  • <H4> On April 5th, 2013 we lost the dear Matthew Warren to suicide after his long battle with mental illness and depression. Chaplain TIG was recovering from his experience when he was told about Matthew and it did something. As he explains it,
  • <H4> “I believe God put a holy anger against hopelessness in me that day. At that moment, I knew why I was brought back to life and how I would be spending the remainder of my days. I declared War on Hopelessness and started building an army.”
  • <H3> April, 2013 – We Declare War on Hopelessness
  • <H4> We have declared war on hopelessness and we are daring all youth (27 & younger) to dream. We dare them to expect great things from themselves and to recognize, build, live, and create legacies from their dreams.
  • <H3> September 14th, 2013 – 1st Dare to Dream Event
  • <H4> With the help of Big Air Events, we tested our first Dare to Dream event on September 14th, 2013 and it was a fabulous success.
  • <H3> 2014 – Launched the On Behalf of a Grateful Nation Tour
  • <H4> Wheels up! We are hard at work collecting messages of encouragement for the kids who have lost a hero parent.
  • <H4> If you haven’t written yours yet, do it today.
  • <H3> 2017 – Publishing Vol. 1 of On Behalf of a Grateful Nation
  • <H4> Get you EOAs in before 2017 ends, because that’s when we begin publishing volume 1 of the “On Behalf of a Grateful Nation” series. We want our kids to be absolutely overwhelmed by the love and support this world has to offer them and is expressed page by page.
  • <H5> Answers to common questions can be found on
  • <H5> What is an Expression of Appreciation (EOA)?
  • <H5> What happens to my EOA after I submit it?
  • <H5> What is a VIP EOA?
  • <H5> Can anyone submit one?
  • <H5> How can I help collect EOAs?
  • <H3> 2017 – Launch of the America’s Children of Fallen Heroes Memorial Tour
  • <H4> Planning for this labor of love began in 2003. We will launch a 5 year international tour in 2017, culminating for the 20th anniversary of 9/11.
  • <H3> 2018 – Launch of The International Youth Services Registry (IYSR)
  • <H4> 2018 is our targeted launch for the IYSR. We have had the honor of working with a multitude of brilliant youth service organizations (YSOs) and an extremely common need for support has called us to action.
  • <H2> … and into the future… What will be our legacy?
  • <H2> We Will Continue on Mission
  • <H3> 1. Serve Youth (27 and younger)
  • <H3> 2. Support Youth Service Organizations (YSOs)
  • <H3> Orange County, CA   |   San Diego, CA   |   Virginia Beach, VA
  • <H3> Orange County
  • <H3> Orange County Chapter
  • <H3> San Diego
  • <H3> San Diego Chapter
  • <H3> Texas Panhandle
  • <H3> Virginia Beach
  • <H3> Virginia Beach Chapter
  • <H3> Ways to Get Involved
  • <H4> Sponsorship
  • <H2> Discover the Benefits
  • <H2> Discover the Benefits
  • <H2> Discover the Benefits
  • <H3> Interested in Sponsoring Multiple Local Chapters?
  • <H4> Contact us regarding regional, national & international sponsorship opportunities.
  • <H4> Invest Your Time & Talents
  • <H4> Register Your Child
  • <H1> Register Your Child of a Fallen Hero
  • <H1> When You Support a Quietly Working Local Chapter or any of our Organizations, You are Joining Some of the Greatest Difference-Makers in the Galaxy
  • <H3> Over the decades, these awesome folks have helped us build many organizations that help children and young adults discover their purpose and achieve their greatness all over the world.
  • <H3> Oh… and because of them we’ve also saved a few thousand puppies and kittens and found them new loving homes.
  • <H3> “Thank You” doesn’t do you justice, but it’s a start.
  • <H4> Latest Posts from the Quietly Working Universe
  • <H3> Gonna Try Running :P
  • <H3> The Emotional Journey of Creating Anything Great
  • <H3> My Big Dream Before I Die
  • <H3> Some Days are Easier Than Others
  • <H3> Hello world!
  • <H3> Wordpress Pages and Posts Not Saving After Update
  • <H3> Hello world!
  • <H3> Hello world!
  • <H3> Hike the Shire
  • <H3> Hello world!
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  • grateful5
  • before5
  • behalf5
  • tig4
  • services4
  • chaplain4
  • development4
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  • hello4
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  • all4
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  • help them create2
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  • great things from2
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  • H4 : This is How We Invest Our Time & Talents in this Beautiful Galaxy of Ours, ( 1336px from top )

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