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How much time do you spend with evaluating your sites? One hour, two hour, even a day? What if you can test your website’s different page type just with one click/page type? Because this is what exactly this tool do. Just copy-paste the url in the analyze field, press the “Review” button and get a several page long comprehensive report of it. This reports also can be downloaded in PDF format for offline use, or to show it to your team. Easy, huh? Why spend time with boring tasks instead of active work?

You can also register or login and see all the analyzed pages at one place under our “My projects” section.

What can you check

Mobile Friendly

Nowadays more and more people are browsing the web with their mobile devices. That's why it is important to develope your website in a way, that the result can be used on a small screen too. With this tool you can check how your website will perform on these devices.

Site performance

Run an analyze and see our recommendations about boosting your website performance. We are using a real browser to test your site. You can get informations about your assets loading, what was the most time consuming task during the site load and much more!

Content Report

When we talk about websites, the number one priority is its content and the readability of the content. We are using some metrics that can be a good starting point to analyze your content and see where you can improve.

SEO Report

The report includes information about important corners in SEO. We show if you have the "must have" meta tags implemented, a basic link analyze, robots.txt rules and more.

How much does it cost to me?

At the moment generating the report is free and most importantly unlimited*. You can analyze not only your frontpage or landing page, but any of your subpage too. In the near future we plan to implement features which will have cost, we will let you know when these features implemented.

*Unlimited, but in the means of fair use.